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Orvostudomány - Medical Science



Szerző: Gábor Miklós

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2013


A kísérletes gyulladások egéren témájú sorozatban megjelent legújabb, harmadik kötetben, a szerző rendkívül aktuális témát dolgozott fel. A mindennapos klinikai gyakorlatban a különböző gyulladásos bőrbetegségekkel (atopiás-, irritativ dematitis, stb.) nagy gyakorisággal találkozunk.


A könyv a kísérletes gyulladással, annak modelljeivel, s  farmakológiai befolyásolásával foglalkozik,a modern szakirodalmi adatok alapján. A mű három részből áll.

7 800 Ft
Akció: 6 630 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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Szerzők: Schneider Imre, Harangi Ferenc, Sebők Béla

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2012


In the last decades the prevalence of atopic dermatitis has considerably increased all over the world. In addition to genetic factors, environmental impacts (allergens, ills of civilization, etc.) play an essential role in its development.


This book gives an overview of the clinical picture and the pathology of this everyday disease. The differential diagnosis of the disorder, the relationship between immunodeficiency and atopic dermatitis, the psychological and psychiatric aspects of atopic dermatitis, and the most recent knowledge on its pathophysiology are discussed in separate chapters. In the last chapter the possibilities of the conventional and up-to-date therapeutical possibilities are listed, and also recommendations for the practical implementation of the treatment are presented.


Numerous tables and color pictures complement the theoretical and practical treatise.


The work's aim is to facilitate the therapeutic activity of clinicians (pediatricians, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, etc.), family doctors, family pediatricians and thus to make permanent remission a reality for a great number of patients.

15 000 Ft
Akció: 12 750 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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Szerzők: Csernus Valér, Mess Béla

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2004


Although cyclicism of some biological events was evident for thousands of years, the importance of the fourth dimension, the time in life processes have been underestimated by biologists for many years. It was only in the past few decades that we realized that life is basically a coordinated interplay between cyclic biochemical processes in widely different forms and period of times. This recognition greatly altered our understanding on how living organisms function.

This book discusses one specific aspect of biological cycles: the mechanism of the circadian melatonin secretion from the chicken pineal gland. This topic was selected for two reasons. Pineal gland plays a key role in controlling circadian and seasonal rhythmic processes in virtually all vertebrate species. Also, the avian pineal gland is an excellent model for studying the mechanism of the circadian processes in general, since this organ is relatively simple in structure and it possesses all the known features of a fully functioning circadian "biological clock".

2 475 Ft
Akció: 2 105 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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Szerző: Miklós Gábor

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2000


This monograph is the first book to give a general survey of the different mouse ear inflammation models and their pharmacological applications. A number of investigators emphasize the usefulness of the application of different models of oedema, induced in mouse ear with croton oil, 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate, cantharidin, mustard oil, arachidonic acid, dithranol (anthralin), capsaicin, ethyl phenylpropiolate, interleukin-1 or zymosan and also carrageenin-induced mouse ear dermatitis (Part One). The second part of the book provides the reader with concise information on the pharmacological applications of the different mouse ear models: investigations of the anti-inflammatory activities of synthetic compounds and other substances, including anti-inflammatory substances of plant origin (terpenoids, benzopyrone derivatives, etc.), plant extracts and marine products. The last section of the monograph furnishes information on the mouse ear oedema models for the investigation of agents in hyperproliferative or inflammatory skin diseases. The book is of interest to pharmacologists, dermatologists, organic chemists, pharmacognosists and investigators in the pharmaceutical industry.

9 520 Ft
Akció: 8 090 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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Szerző: Gábor Miklós

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2007


This monograph is the first one to give a general survey of the different mouse paw inflammation models.

The first chapters deal with the mouse paw oedema as a model for investigations of anti-inflammatory agents and summarize the different methods for the measurement of paw swelling in mice.

The further chapters of the monograph furnish detailed information of the mouse traumatic paw inflammation model and the ischaemia-induced paw oedema in mice.

The book is recommended for pharmacologists, pharmacognosists, dermatologists, internists, and researchers in medicine and pharmaceutical industry.

5 250 Ft
Akció: 4 465 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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From Basic Research to Clinical Perspectives (1960-2005)

Szerző: Mózsik Gyula

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2006

8 000 Ft
Akció: 6 800 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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Szerző: Besznyák István

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2001


Until the last decades, the appearance of distant organ metastases of malignant tumors meant unequivocally that the surgical treatment of the process would be not very promising. In these cases surgery was considered a proof of surgical thoughtlessness and senseless attempt. Nevertheless, in the clinical practice of the last decades more and more observations have proven that in certain tumor types and in certain organ metastases surgical intervention is indicated even in these cases. Surgery has resulted sometimes in a better quality of life, sometimes even in cure. In this monograph the Authors present their clinical experience of several decades combined with the data of the literature for those interested in this topic, in the hope that by doing so, they provide help also for the patients.

7 280 Ft
Akció: 6 190 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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From the plant cultivation to the production of the human medical drug

Szerzők: Mózsik Gyula, Dömötör András, Past Tibor, Vas Viktória, Perjési Pál, Kuzma Mónika, Szolcsányi János

Akadémiai Kiadó, 2009


The capsaicinoids are well-known species, wich are able to modify the capsaicin sensitive afferent nerves. Their actions are dose-dependent processes, and they are capable to modify the neurogenic inflammation, pain and defence of the different target organs against different noxious agents.

Twenty-one researchers (chemist, pharmaceutical chemist, physicians, pharmaceutics, laboratory experts, biologist, engineers and agricultural engineers) have actively participated in an innovative pharmacological research programme from 2005 to 2008, the aims of which were to produce: new drug combinations for patients with myocardial infarction (orally applicable combinations of capsaicinoids with aspirin) and for those with chronic degenerative locomotive disease (orally applicable capsaicinoids with diclofenac and Naproxen).

In this book, the authors summarized the different agricultural, chemical, physiological, pharmacological, toxicological, national and international jural, patent, pharmaceutical industrial, economical problems in their study programme during the development of new drug combinations of capsaicinoids with the different nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in orally applicable drugs to patients.

9 450 Ft
Akció: 8 035 Ft
Kezdete: 2017.06.01
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