Selected studies of Péter Vargyas on ancient Near Eastern economy

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L’Harmattan Kiadó, 2010

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The series Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Studies, issued by the Department of Ancient History, the University of Pécs, will be devoted to questions of social, economic and cultural connections between the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean, from the beginnings of mankind down to the Islamic expansion. ANEMS will attempt to approach its subject matter from the most varied point of view, embracing historical, linguistic and archaeological disciplines alike, covering all the areas and historical periods of the Ancient Near East (including Ancient Egypt) and the Mediterranean.

The first volume in our series is dedicated to the memory of Péter Vargyas,internationally renowned Assyriologist and economic historian. Th is book is a selection of his papers predominantly published in the last two decades providing detailed case studies on the economic history of Iran, Mesopotamia, Ugarit and Ancient Egypt. Together with his book published in 2001 these papers represent the scientifi c output of a very important Hungarian scholar who left us tragically in 2009.


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Preface by the Series Editors
1. Marchands hittites à Ugarit (1985)
2. Stratification sociale à Ugarit (1988)
3. Immigration into Ugarit (1995)
4. Getreidekursangaben und Preistarife im Assyrien und Babylonien des 2. und 1. Jahrtausends (1997)
5. Agrarkrisen und Umfang der Agrarproduktion in Babylonien des 1. Jahrtausends (1999)
6. Les prix des denrées alimentaires de première nécessité en Babylonie à l’époque achéménide et hellénistique (1997)
7. L’économie de la Mésopotamie et les tablettes astronomiques (1998)
8. Babylonian Interest Rates: Weren’t they Annual? (2000)
9. Darius and Oroites (2001)
10. Kaspu ginnu and the Monetary Reform of Darius I (1999)
11. Silver and Money in Achaemenid and Hellenistic Babylonia (2000)
12. Darius I and the Daric Reconsidered (2000)
13. Sennacherib’s Alleged Half-Shekel Coins (2002)
14. The Amarna Treasure and the Thief (2002)
15. Monetary Hoards in the Egyptian Museum (2002)
16. The Alleged Silver Bars of the Temple of Ptah: Traditional Money use in Achaemenid, Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt (2008)
17. Le libéralisme Séleucides et l'essor économique de la Babylonie: un rapport de cause à effet? (2004)
18. La monétisation de l'économie rurale en Babylonie et en Egypte pendant le 1er millénaire av. J-C. (2004)
19. Moneybags in Neo-Babylonian Texts (2005)
20. Fakes before Coins?: On the Gold and Silver Hoards from Level V at Beth-Shean (2007)
21. Astronomische Tagebücher und Preislisten (2007)
22. The Silver Hoard from Nush-i Jan Revisited (2008)
23. Weight Standards and Fineness of Silver in Aramaic Documents from Elephantine (2009)

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